Wief Instaoffice Collaboration

Women of our society have shown maximum growth, development and evolution over time. Particularly, in India, women are emerging as leading entrepreneurs with the progress of time. Nevertheless, the patriarchal construction and financial constraints of the Indian population poses serious concerns against such positive blooming. Our organization is an incubation cum accelerator centre devoted towards […]

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The Price of Pretty

As women, it is a given that they must look presentable. But, till what extent? We know women to be absolutely beautiful magical creatures who visit the magical land called salon once in a while (varying from daily to fortnight to once in a couple of months), which seem to inject magic potion into them […]

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When Skilled Women Turn into Home Makers

“Beti padhao, beti bachao”, the words of our Honourable Prime Minister can be heard in multiple echoes, resounded time and again. What do they even mean? “Educate your daughters, save your daughters”, but are we, really? We tie their dreams in with their braids which don’t ever seem to open up, gift them bangles representative […]

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