Using Physics for Perfect Chapattis and Literature for Prayer books

Using Physics for Perfect Chapattis and Literature for Prayer books

The family wakes up every morning to maa singing bhajans in her melodious nightingale-like voice. Tea is ready for everyone with their favourite biscuits, each cup made perfectly to individualistic preferences; warm milk available for the children. By the time everybody eases into dawn, she
completes her aarti and smiles as she comes out of the kitchen with several different breakfast options.

Isn’t this the impression of a typical Indian mother that we have grown up to imagine and expect? So much so, that we cannot even imagine our mothers going to university or having a life. The entire idea of their being to us seems so alien, we cannot even imagine that we would grow up to become just like her. At least the girls, will. You’d probably be dumbstruck if you got to know that your sweet mother has done her majors in Physics. Yes, that is why you have an inclination towards logic, and mathematics; you probably got that from her. And while you read this, she’s utilising several years of competitive study into making perfectly round chapattis, using thermodynamics to ensure they get just enough heat to fluff up and not burn.

Rather if that her English Honours just irk her at every error that pops up in her prayer books. “Mr. Chaman really did not do a good job, at all!” she breathes every morning. She has always been
extremely fond of reading, but can now never get around to it because of everything that has to be taken care of at home.

Let us stop making our women, the majority of scholars and yet just 9% in the corporate world to step up to their calling. Let us let them write grammatically correct prayer books, or short stories for children. Let us let them come up with theorems to build a time machine, and let us all board it to go
back in time and hang whoever came up with the idea of gender disparity.

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